About The Harbingers of Win

The Harbingers of Win.

A Social Progression Guild.

On this day, January 21st, 2016, is our five-year anniversary as a guild and after many wonderful times, experiences and close friendships (some even lifelong), our time has come to retire, but not without some back-story on our founding and of course much thanks to all of our members, both past and present.

The concept for The Harbingers of Win came about January 21st 2011. I AmarantCoral (AC), had just started playing the game in May 2010 with my [now] ex on Area52 as a Gnome Warrior. Wanting very much to play a form of elf and be Alliance, I created my main, a Night Elf Rogue on Vek'Nilash. Being that Final Fantasy IX was my favorite RPG, I tried for the name Zidane, but as it was already taken (as well as ZidaneTribal), AmarantCoral was the name that stuck.

I had very little help in learning the game and after the relationship had dissolved, I had stopped playing for the next three months. Still very green, I set out on my own in August 2010, leveling my character as well as making a full Alliance set of characters including all classes, races and professions.

I was approached by the guild The Unforgiven, where I was recruited as a member. This at the time had shocked me as I had been given the false impression that you had to be a 'top player' to be in a guild. It wasn't long after joining that I made some close friends and rose very quickly within the ranks, becoming an officer after only a few weeks due to my social prowess and website design capabilities. The guild was a "classic" guild and unbknownst to myself, as soon as I had reached level 61 (as I had no idea how to turn off experience), I was asked to leave. Through the relationships I had made, two of significance, Keonic (Keo) and Zalixs (Z) left with me. Shortly there after the guild itself dissolved.

Not being homeless for too long, I found a new guild, The Crimson Born. After being in the guild for a short time, again with my social and website abilities, I quickly became an officer (bringing along my two friends Keo and Z). I had made a number of friends within the guild and with its current state at the time and from what I had learned with the time I spent behind the scenes in two guilds, I decided to take my leave to start my own guild.

Thus The Harbingers of Win was born (a name I had always thought sounded truly epic [this of course before the whole Charlie Sheen "Duh Winning!" antic]). With the help of my long time friend Z of The Unforgiven and new friends Katyj, Lutehunter and Ranmeri of The Crimson Born, The Harbingers of Win was unofficially formed January 21, 2011.

I wanted to make sure our guild had all the 'bells and whistles' before we created the guild in-game and thus the website was created and a Ventrilo server was obtained January 23rd of that year. After completion of our rules, guidelines and overall setup, the guild officially opened its doors to the server February 1st, 2011.

We spent three years on Vek'nilash as the 'little-guild-that-could', everyone believing we wouldn't make it past a month (keep in mind, this was right after Cataclysm was released, so we were also fighting to level the guild) but we managed to pull through. With changing members, officers, drama and other situations, we prevailed. Guild dynamics changed and of the founding members, it was down to myself and Z (as well as our newly appointed officers) running the guild.

After three years and some major setbacks (as well as our original founding member and by then long time Co-GM, Z, leaving to have his beautiful baby girl and spend more time with his family), we moved the guild to Elune and in those first six months it was the best thing that had ever happened to us. Of that we reveled in it, though with Mists of Pandaria looming, things seemed to start slowing down and shortly after the expansion's release, the guild closed its doors.

We remained closed until August 2014, almost the length of the expansion, before reopening in time for Warlords of Draenor.

We revised the guild, website and overall flow as we started to recruit. Warlords was a real eyeopener. Not just on the game but in where each of us (my new Co-GM Captnworgan [Capt.] and our officer Beriir [Drac.]) were in our respective lives. Thus, it was decided unanimously that The Harbingers of Win was to retire. That is where we are now. Exactly five years since the guild was formed, on January 21st, 2016, the guild is now officially retired and seeing only fit, we have moved back to Vek'nilash. The server where it all began.

Our doors are still open to friends only but no recruiting will be done. We also have a Horde guild on Nezgrel, again for friends to join if they so choose.

We have had a great run and I want to again thank all our members, both past and present, for making this guild the wonder it has been. Through our highs and lows, it was the members, the times and experience that made this five-year journey all worth it.

From myself and the rest of the team, we thank you.
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